Adventures in Australia / by Israel Aloni

What an incredible month I have had in the southern continent.

A new piece, I SAY YES with and for the graduating students of the Dance BA Course at Adelaide College Of The Arts, premier on the 29th of November at the college's main theater.

More info here

Additionally, I have been traveling back and forth to Melbourne to meet my new colleagues at Transit Dance as well as start placing a few cornerstones for the realization of Tr.IPP

Last weekend we had the first Tr.IPP Meet ever, when I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day with a few artists who are considering their participation in the pathway in 2018.

It was a very inspiring, rewarding and encouraging weekend and I am really excited and inspired to spend more time in Melbourne and in my new creative base in the city - Transit Dance.

The application for Tr.IPP 2018 is closing tomorrow (30 November 2017)  so if you are considering to apply, get going with the process.

More info about Tr.IPP here


Soon I will share more ideas and expressions of my impressions from my journey in the past few weeks through the roller-coaster we call life.


Tr.IPP Meet  Photo by: Paul Malek

Tr.IPP Meet

Photo by: Paul Malek

Photo by: Paul Malek

Photo by: Paul Malek