Crossroad July 2017 / by Israel Aloni

In the process of making a new piece, I progressively discover my attraction to the history of my people. A strong connection to the past which still resonates so strongly in the inner walls of my current being is flirting with my concentration and very close to win it over.

There is no way to identify the roots of this connection. There is no way to trace back the unfurling of my memorization with the commitment to life, the commitment to remain. 

My people. Those who felt the need to walk on the surface of the earth, only to oppose the possibility of their existence becoming a myth or a legend.  

Such hunger and determination are inspiring my inner voices to break out in songs. The kind of songs that ease the navigation through the crowded and loud tracks of life. 

I am at a crossroad. I am looking around me and identifying multiple possibilities. I acknowledge the curiosity and thrill to make a change and evolve. I recognize the multiple possibilities and I honor all of them. There is no fear and no struggle, only inquisitive heart. 

One thing is solid in my experience and that is the commitment to remain.